Why doesn't my name show up?

Information entered incorrectly
  • Example 1
    John Smith lives at 5534 Main Street Anytown OH 45123 Erie County
    1) SMITH
    2) MAIN
    3) 45123
    4) ERIE
  • Example 2
    Bob Public lives at 19 East 14th Street Nowhere OH 40192 Adams County
    1) PUBLIC
    2) 14
    3) 40192
    4) ADAMS
  • Example 3
    Jenny Voter lives at 210 Jamestown-Smithville Hwy Mytown OH 42456 BROWN County
    1) VOTER
    2) Jamestown (or even just James)
    3) 42456
    4) BROWN
You are not registered to vote.

Contact your local Board of Elections

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The voter database contains an error

Database is updated each night

You just recently registered to vote

Your voter record is not yet in the SOS public database

Try looking up another registered voter from your immediate area

You are registered in another city

Have you moved since voting last?